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BMZ opens up first section of Europe’s biggest lithium-ion battery manufacture

Europe\'s biggest  battery factory-UPRAVENO.jpg

Following a construction time of only a little more than one year the Karlstein BMZ GmbH, Europe’s leading developer and producer of intelligent lithium-ion batteries, has now opened up the first two  production, logistics and office...

27.05. 2016 | News

Microchip debuts industry’s first LoRa technology evaluation kits for LPWAN

MC1330 - Pt DV164140-1 hi-upraveno.jpg

Microchip announces availability of the industry’s first complete LoRa technology evaluation kits. The new kits provide customers with all the components required to create a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) for North America in the 915...

27.05. 2016 | News

Diamond ICs May Finally Debut


Diamonds may soon be the semiconductor industry's "best friend." Startup Akhan Semiconductor Inc. plans to make the promise of diamonds come true by licensing the diamond semiconductor process from the U.S. Energy Department's...

26.05. 2016 | News



Protecting Data in Low-Power Embedded Applications


In this increasingly Internet-connected world, secure data transfer and storage with long battery are becoming key application requirements.  The PIC24F “GB2” microcontroller (MCU) family provides data protection for low-power...

24.05. 2016 | Articles

The toughest conformal coatings for the harshest environments


Introduction In a typical car today, electronic systems are critical to the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle.  Even before the engine starts, electronics have already unlocked the car.  Once you start the engine and step on the...

17.05. 2016 | Articles

Essential cleaningfor electronics assemblies


Cleaning is an essential process within electronics manufacture and has been used for many years to remove potentially harmful contaminants during PCB manufacture. Such contaminants include flux, solder and adhesive residues, and other more...

10.05. 2016 | Articles

Thermal management of electronics devices


Most electronic components are low power and produce negligible amounts of heat in their operation. Some devices, however – such as power transistors, CPUs and power diodes – produce a significant amount of heat and measures may be...

03.05. 2016 | Articles

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