Keysight Launches Compact DC Electronic Loads for the Bench

24.12. 2020 | News

Keysight Technologies announced the Keysight EL30000 Series bench DC electronic loads. These instruments offer a compact bench form factor with a built-in data logger that delivers insights for immediate, real-time decisions, and minimizes the need for additional instruments with an accurate system that measures voltage, current and calculates power.

An electronic load is an instrument designed to test sources by presenting various resistances and measuring the response. Device manufacturers and design engineers use electronic loads to test power devices such as power supplies, batteries, battery modules, solar panels, fuel cells, LED drivers and power converters.

Keysight's bench electronic loads enable customers to test a wide range of power sources, perform both static and dynamic tests to ensure devices can output constant energy, as well as handle a sudden increase or decrease in demand. Multiple ranges allow accurate measurements for small and large devices from zero to 150V.  Using the built-in measurement system eliminates the need for an external digital multimeter, shunts and associated wiring (more info, Reproduced with Permission, Courtesy of Keysight Technologies, Inc.).


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