In cooperation with in4ma: SMTconnect presents exclusive EMS market data at Meet-and-Treat-Tour

03.12. 2019 | News

SMTconnect tours through Germany, together with selected partners, offers interested companies top-class market data, a great deal of networking potential and information about the trade fair under the motto "Meet and Treat".

The Meet and Treat tour comprises a total of five dates at various locations in Germany. The first meeting took place on 12 November 2019 in Munich. Together with Mr. Dieter G. Weiss from in4ma, who gave a lecture on the current market situation, the focus of this meeting was on contract manufacturing. 29 participants were provided with information on exclusive market data from the EMS industry and were able to exchange ideas afterwards during a breakfast meeting. Together with the ZVEI, the Meet and Treat tour will offer four more meetings at the beginning of 2020.

Summary of the lecture on the European EMS industry

In his German lecture "European EMS Industry in transition" at the first Meet-and-Treat meeting in Munich, Mr. Weiss from in4ma talked in detail about the opportunities and challenges of contract manufacturers in the D-A-CH area. At 22.6%, this region accounts for a large share of European EMS production. From 2013 to 2018, the sales figures of EMS/ODM providers in Europe rose by 9.3%, with the largest growth of 15.1% occurring in Eastern Europe.

According to Mr. Weiss, contract manufacturers from the D-A-CH region can focus on many strengths and opportunities, as they represent the largest market in Europe and are characterized by a high level of technical competence and a willingness to innovate. The challenges, however, were that the share of small companies was relatively high, with often a lack of market knowledge, inadequate marketing and with a customer base that was too small.

Mr. Weiss went on to say that the European EMS industry needs to be more confident when facing global competition: the players should invest in marketing and in seizing the opportunities offered by trade fairs and conferences. Of the 484 EMS companies in Germany, only 12% have participated in trade fairs. There would be great potential here to win new customers and to network more strongly in the industry. The EMS Park at the SMTconnect could develop into the urgently needed leading trade fair for the EMS industry.

"The EMS industry is in upheaval, requirements are rising, structures are changing and new EMS customers are entering the market. Without reasonable marketing and the communication of a clear marketing message for the market, EMS companies will not be able to act in the future. The SMTconnect is developing into the leading trade fair for the European EMS industry and helps companies to convey their marketing messages to the market while, at the same time, maintaining tight cost budgets. Those who want to plan tomorrow's success today will be present at the SMTconnect," is how Dieter G. Weiss from in4ma sums up the results of his presentation.

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