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Contact person: Roman Kotrč

Fields of expertise

ELITRONIC s.r.o. is in Czech Republic engaged in EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Services, specifically PCB Assembly, Box Build and Material Procurement. Also, ELITRONIC s.r.o. is good at Product Development, specifically Circuitry Design, PCB Design, Prototyping, Testing and Consulting. Next, ELITRONIC s.r.o. does Products & Solutions, specifically Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Communication, Medical / Health Care and Military.

EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly yes
Box Build yes
Cable Assembly no
Repair no
Material Procurement yes

Additional info:
conformal coating, sealing compound
tests - temperature, humidity, vibrations
laser marking
traceability of the products

Product Development

Circuitry Design yes
PCB Design yes
Prototyping yes
Testing yes
Consulting yes

Additional info: SW development

Products & Solutions

Title: various

Consumer Electronics yes
Industrial yes
Communication yes
Medical / Health Care yes
Aerospace no
Military yes

Additional info:
wearable electronics
military certification AQAP 2110