Belden Future-Proofs Large Industrial Networks with Advanced Security and Redundancy

30.01. 2021 | News

Belden Inc., a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, has released its Hirschmann BOBCAT High-Port Switch, the newest addition to the growing BOBCAT family. This managed switch, with up to 24 ports, offers a compact yet powerful networking solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Key benefits from the compact managed BOBCAT switches include:

  • High-port density for connecting a growing number of network devices
  • Time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology to simultaneously support multiple services on the network while ensuring deterministic communication
  • Future-proofed design to support increased bandwidth and speed capabilities for continued network growth
  • Advanced security features, including wire-speed access control lists and automatic denial-of-service prevention
  • Maximum power output through Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) ports that don’t require load sharing

With advanced security and real-time communication features, the BOBCAT switches are an essential appliance relevant to many industrial markets, including automotive, manufacturing, machine building, water management, and oil and gas. They are also applicable in transportation and power management applications, helping to deliver critical real-time information, like deterministic signaling and energy flow. The high bandwidth and port count, combined with a ruggedized design, makes the switches ideal for airports and seaports as well.

In partnership with Belden, companies can optimize, modernize, automate and secure their industrial networks. With a portfolio of standardized, multi-functional products, customers can reduce their total cost of ownership, while enabling sensor-to-cloud connectivity and gaining network-wide visibility. Belden also ensures seamless integration of future-proofed technologies into existing infrastructures for increased bandwidth, efficiency, security and network availability. The new BOBCAT High-Port Switch, combined with trusted insights from Belden experts, furthers Belden’s alignment to customer KPIs that drive business impact.

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